About Us

How We Started?

Tara’s Fitness Products was established in 1989. Since then we are the only Nutrition based company which is dedicated to produce and develop ayurvedic, dietary and nutritional supplements for every sport and strenuous day to day activities of any common man.

Mission Statement

Tara’s Fitness Products strives to produce distinctive, affordable, premium-quality products while making every effort to anticipate ever-changing customer needs and meet the demands of a dynamic market with innovative products, effective support materials, and unsurpassed service.

Company Overview

Tara’s Fitness Products is a Pioneer in Daily essential Nutrients for normal population to enhance health and longevity. Found in 1989 by National Bodybuilders, Power Lifters and expert Pharmacy and Ayurvedic Authorities. Tara’s products are equally useful for all types of sports and games where strength , power, energy, stamina, speed and explosive muscular efforts are required. Also they are very helpful for a common man which helps in improving the stamina, power and concentration.

Yes, We are Everywhere

Tara’s Fitness Products is now available everywhere from different towns to several metropolitan cities across the country. Numerous athletes, coaches, sport organizations and health clubs proudly endorse our products.

Dope Free

Tara’s Fitness Products is one of the leading sports nutrition companies in India that is committed to helping dedicated sports persons in enhancing their stamina and physique, thereby improving performance levels. We have the most comprehensive range of products to help you increase your sports performance and reach your physique goals.
Tara’s Fitness Products has always used services of expert manufacturers and finest suppliers of raw material in India and internationally, who produce high quality nutritional products for some of the largest food brands worldwide. All our products are guaranteed DOPE FREE.

Quality Assurance

At Tara’s Fitness Products, we care most about quality assurance. At every production step, we carry out strict product quality checks and perform procedures in order to obtain final products of the highest quality. We also carry out SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is stringently followed by our company. We also ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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