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Tara’s Amino Whey contains only naturally occurring Amino Acid. Whole whey protein isolated from high quality whey Tara’s WHEY contains all the whey protein fractions such as Alpha Lactalbumin, Beta Lactalbumin, immunoglobulin, Serum Albumin and proteose peptone in  a similar ratio as found in natural whey. Tara’s AMINO WHEY is isolated whey by a complex low temperature processing system. Tara’s ensures the highest quality in manufacturing, re-packing and sourcing raw material to ensure its customer, the finest sports supplement available.


Take one scoop (25g approximately) to one glass of fruit juice, water or milk. Tara’s whey can also be used in bakery items for increasing the protein concentration.


Supplement Facts

Each dose (25Gms) contains:

Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha)  400mg

Trigonella Foenum (Methi Beej) 600mg

Whey Powder (Takar)  10gm

Gratiolis Minera (Bhrami Booti) 1gm

Almond Seed (Badam Giri) 3gm

Sacrum (Sacrum) 10gm


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  1. Reyansh sharma…!!!

  2. Ishaan

    Awesome supplement

  3. Kabir

    The product was well packed. Loved the packing of product.

  4. Atul

    No side effect. Consuming on daily basis. Showing good result.

  5. Gaurav Kumar

    100% genuine product.

  6. Shashwat Pandey

    I ordered it for the first time, thankfully genuine product received.

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