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Tara’s Nutrition’s Anabol-H provides Tribulus Terrestris, a plant that grows in many tropical and moderate areas of the world. Many different cultures have used it for a number of conditions. For example, the Greeks used Tribulus Terrestris as a diuretic and mood-enhancer. Indians used it as a diuretic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The Chinese used it for a variety of liver, kidney and cardiovascular diseases. The people of Bulgaria used it as a sex enhancement and to treat infertility. Recently, eastern European athletes and strength champions have used it as well. High quality, nutrient rich Tribulus Terrestris is available in Tara’s Nutrition’s Anabol-H. Tribulus Terrestris is a testosterone enhancement. Studies show that it works well, it increased testosterone levels in a different levels in a different way, it leads to the production of the luteinizing hormone (LH). When LH levels are increased the natural production of testosterone also increases. LH is a hormone that also deals with sex drive. Now one can understand why it has been used to increase fertility and help with impotence. Laboratory animals studies found that Tribulus Terrestris increased sperm count as well as motility levels after taking for 30 days. This is good supplement for men and women to increase their sex drive. The increase in the testosterone level with Anabol-H will lead to increased growth hormones thus more lean mass and more power, energy, strength and more stamina.

 Dosage : Consume  2 capsules twice a day with milk or water

Supplement Facts

2 capsules (500mg each) contain:

Tribulus Terrsterris (Gokhru) 300mg

Hypoxi Okcpid (Musli Safed) 50mg

Blepharis Edulis Pers (Beej Utangan) 200mg

Ambergris (Ambar) 100mg

Ocimum Sanctum (Beej Tulsi) 200mg

Coffea Arabica (Coffee Seed) 150mg






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