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Tara’s Bone guard is a unique naturally occurring dietary ingredient, Glucosamine Sulphate. This is extract from seashell. It is ultra micro-nised to get maximum absorption for great benefits. According to convincing research, glucosamine sulphate take part in healing wounds as well as regenerating cartilage in joints. By providing joints with the essential raw materials, glucosamine sulphate can help rebuild cartilage joint pain.

By stimulating production of additional synovial fluid, studies show that glucosamine sulphate helps keep joints in the body rolling smoothly. Recent studies have found that it is readily absorbed building block for cartilage, glucosamine sulphate workers as a re-builder of cartilage. Not only who suffer from arthritis and joint pain benefits from glucosamine sulphate intake, but athletes joggers, fitness enthusiasts can greatly benefit as well. In fact nearly every body who train with weights may have a tendency to overuse certain joints and consequently, glucosamine can help to regain cushioning, protecting cartilage around joints.

Suitability: For stronger joints of Athletes, weights lifters middle age physical stress on joints, brisk walkers, jumping ball games and other sports where ligaments are strained for Performance Osteoarthritis.

Supplement Facts:

Each Capsule (500mg) Contains

a) Glucosamine Sulphate                            495 mg

b) Vitamin C                                                   5 mg

Dosage: As a Dietary supplement, consume 1capsule with breakfast and 1capsule before going to bed. Consume with warm milk or water.






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