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CARBO CREATINE is a scientific combination of PURE CREATINE monohydrate and complex chain of CARBOHYDRATES for proper utilization and transportation of CREATINE from your mouth to your gut, to liver and finally to muscles. CREATINE actively participates in the phosphoralization of ADP to ATP and provides a top gear for energy release thus delaying fatigue and fastens recovery for the demanding phases of training. CARBOHYDRATES in Carbo Creatine are added proportionately to cover all the stages of energy requirements. Mono, Di and Poly Saccharine, helps CREATINE to work better and activate the ATP energy release for hours of intense Heavy-Duty training.

Supplement Facts

Each dose (25Gms) contains:

Creatine Monohydrate 5gm

Carbohydrates 20gm





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  1. Ashish

    If u want strength and stamina just go for it without second thought. I’m using it for the last 2yrs and the results are amazing. Remember u have to drink 4-5 liters of water every day.

  2. Anil sharma

    1. Packaging was good.
    2. authentic.
    3. Bar code is working.
    4. Expiry date and batch code is genuine. I am satisfied. 🙂

  3. Milind

    this product is 100% genuine.

  4. inderpreet singh

    Creatine really helps a lot to keep the strength up and general daily life energy. Quality is great, there’s not much of a taste, and its pricing is just amazing. Sweet deal!

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