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CHROMIUM NATURAL PLUS contains Chromium Pollinate, Minerals, Permitted colour, class II preservative and anti-oxidant. Take 2 capsules, one before breakfast & one before dinner with plenty of water for best results. Empty stomach Modern medicines reports that Chromium Picolinate improves Glycemic control in person with non-insulin dependent diabetes and use of oral hypo Glycemic medicines are very much reduced with chromium. Foreign study suggests that chromium supplementation helps over-weight people, lose body fat and improve their lean muscle mass to fat ratio, it is found that individuals on chromium lose significant body fat and gain lean muscle mass. TARA’S Chromium Natural Plus Capsules also result in notable weight loss when proper intake of low calorie diet plan is followed. For best results, take with TARA’S FAT BINDER CAPSULES.

Supplement Facts

Each capsule (500mg.) contains:

Zinc Sulphate 27.5mg

Vitamin B1 2mg

Vitamin B2 1mg

Vitamin B6 1mg

Vitamin B12 10mcg

Folic Acid 1mg

Vitamin C 50mg

Calcium Pentotenate 1mg

Chromium Picolinate 200mcg

Excipient q.s


60Caps, 100Caps

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  1. Baldev

    no doubt it is good.

  2. Mehul sharma

    This fat burner is very good and you can definitely use it for fat burning.

  3. Nitish

    Delivered so fast….

  4. Dharmendra Yadav

    Product was great . But If you r not doing exercises then it is just a waste of money .
    While doing exercises you will burn more calories rather than nothin.

  5. nitin

    This is really a nice supplement for fat burning. Its results are good with gd workout.

  6. Siddharth Chatterjee

    Best results if u do hard cardio and make sure the same with your diet too. Only drink too much water to get rid of acidity.

  7. Pratik Sharma

    I’m not a regular user. I only use them on my cheat days when I eat junk food. Works I think.

  8. Jaiyesh

    It works really very good if u r following proper nutrition plan with daily workout

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