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TARA’S GLUCO MAXX is a bank of sustained release total carb chemistry. Monosaccharides, Di-saccharides & polysaccharide are the chemical presentations on Carbohydrate molecules. Monosaccharides release energy in the first 15-20 minutes of training, Di-saccharides release energy in the second phase of training from 20-40 minutes and Polysaccharide provides energy in the final phase of training. With the use of TARA’S GLUCO MAXX, the levels of blood glucose will remain high and the levels of insulin in the body will be more, hence the BMR will be more thus more utilization of energy and more lean muscle mass and lower body fat. TARA’S GLUCO MAXX work in all the tough phases of hard and vigorous training. It is an excellent supplement from Tara’s for power Athletics, Cycling, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Long work out, Body building and other power & stamina sports.

Direction for use: Add 4 teaspoons (Approx. 20gm.) to one glass of fruit juice or water. Consume 15-20 minutes before training.  Gluco Maxx can be taken twice a day. Use Tara’s Shaker to blend smoothly.

Take 2 times a day.


 Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 4 Teaspoon (20g), 20 Servings

Energy     78kcal

Saccrum (Saccrum) 19.5g

Citrus Acida (BijoraNimbu) 200mg

Coffee Arabica (Coffee Seed) 100mg

GodantiBhasma (Godanti) 200mg








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