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Tara’s ULTIMATE ENERGY is a potent formula based on latest scientific research that provides a combination of L-arginine AKG, L-citrulline, beta alanine, taurine, AshwarealTM, Actamide®, essential vitamins (B complex, vitamin c) and minerals. These components work together synergistically to improve performance and maximize energy levels.

Science behind ULTIMATE ENERGY supplementation:

L-arginine and L-citrulline increase NO production and vasodilatation thus provides maximum availability of nutrients to the tissues and production of more energy during workout. Beta- alanine increases muscle levels of carnosine (buffering agent) that delays muscle fatigue and tiredness. Actamide® helps to increase absorption and utilization of nutrients. AshwarealTM  is a powerful standardize extract of ashwagandha to help increase power and strength. All these physiological processes help you train harder, faster and longer while experiencing stronger muscle power, pumps and strength.





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  1. Avijit

    effective pre workout supplements today. It enhances the alertness of body and mind and gives quick strength and stamina to carry out and maintain a accurate workout routine.

  2. Jeet

    Only 2 days I am using… seriouly what a product…….. mindblowing

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