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Whey Pump provides the micro wonder ingredients found in milk as Whey, which is full of poly peptides Amino Acids those takes no time to become the part of muscle tissue. The micro fined whey is produced while preparing the cheese out of milk after acid treatment.

Dose: 1st one week consume one spf 2 times a day with milk and increase to 2 spf 2 times a day in the next week and finally after the 3rd week continue consuming 3-4 spf 2-3 times a day with milk or water.

Supplement Facts

Each dose (25Gms) contains:

Withania Somnifera  500mg

Lactus  2.5gm

Whey  8gm

Sacrum   10gm

Makka  4gm


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  1. Ashu

    Best indian brand!!!

  2. Deep


  3. Raman

    Ordered the product on 25th sept. and recieve today on 28th sept. very happy with the service and of course prd quality too.

  4. Aayush

    I checked the barcode and everything seems genuine.

  5. om

    ok result not so happy

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