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FAT BINDER which is a Chitosan product. One of Chitosan’s unique properties is its ability to bind fat in the digestive track before it has a chance to become metabolized. Besides absorbing and binding fat to promote weight loss. Chitosan also inhibits LDL cholesterol and boosts HDL cholesterol, the bad versus good cholesterol. By fat, Chitosan is a runaway best seller in the world of weight management. For best results use with Chromium Natural Plus.


Each capsule (500mg) contains:

Chitosan 500mg



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  1. Aabheer

    Its really working on i loose 20 kg within in 2 months and there is no side effects.

  2. Hunar

    Excellent Fat Burner

  3. Kartik

    This Burner has no side effects.

  4. Abhey Singh

    It is very effective i loose 10 kg in one month with proper training and diet .. Thanks tara fitness for amazing product.

  5. ravi

    The product is vert usefull , works fine.

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